Lost City Arts

Established in 1982, Lost City Arts is recognized internationally as a leading source of 20th-century fine art, design, furniture, lighting, and accessories. The owner, James Elkind, travels the world in search of unique pieces.

“I get to immerse myself in beauty every day, and no two days are the same.” He fields calls and emails from people looking to sell their post-war art and design. Elkind is constantly on the lookout for sculpture, particularly by Harry Bertoia, and is considered an expert on the subject.

“When you go on a house call, you enter someone else’s universe. It’s so interesting to see the environments people have created for themselves. The other day I was in a 5th Avenue apartment, looking to sell a coffee table. The exposed artwork was a treasure trove of works, the likes of Picasso, Chagall, and Monet. I can’t even guess what works were under the draped pieces.”

Lost City Arts will be doing the Winter Antique Show starting January 19. He also participates in the Salon and Collective fairs.  Don’t miss their current exhibition on the 10th Floor – Adja Yunkers: Rediscovered January 23rd through March 9th, 2018.