Why use a designer?
Although many clients have certain design ideas, they still have difficulty making their ideas a reality. In addition, many clients do not have the time or the experience to develop the long-term relationships needed with vendors, contractors, furniture makers, etc. that help make for the most optimal design execution.  Hiring a designer removes the risks that come with diving into an industry that is new or unfamiliar to the user.  Designers are trained, both formally and through experience, to take what the client wants and translate it into a real product that meets their needs while staying within their timeline and budget.

Why shop the trade?
Shopping trade gives you more flexibility with customized fabrics, finishes, and sizing. Shopping in a retail showroom is limited.  Generally, retail provides stock options and items that are not always well-suited for a client’s space. By shopping and developing long-term relationships with vendors, designers gain access to an array of resources that are only accessible through these unique relationships.

What is your most valuable design tip?
Before you start any design work, it’s important to create a budget. It allows both the designer and client to set up goals and expectations early on that are realistic with the client’s budget. More importantly, it allows the client to begin to put pen to paper and see what can realistically be achieved within their budget. Although the legwork upfront is not glamorous, it gives the client more transparency and comfort for the design decisions going forward.

What makes your style unique?
As I sit down to design a project, I research the existing property’s architectural history and tailor my design to respond to the construction and history already in place. Further, I speak with the client to better understand how they live, if they have kids or animals, and what they want to overall feel to be. Combining both the architectural history and the client’s design needs into my own design analysis, I create an interior space that seamlessly mixes beauty with function and celebrates the architectural environment with modern day living.

Who is your design icon and why?
So many of my favorite designers are furniture designers- Milo Baughman, Vladimir Kagan, Jim Zivic, the list goes on. I appreciate how much energy and thought that can go into just one piece.

What is your ideal getaway/escape?
I travel as much as I can, but one of my favorite places is South Africa. It’s full of sophistication with vineyards and fabulous restaurants, but also full of adventure with safari’s and shark diving.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Alexander McQueen is one of my favorites. His bags and shoes are stunning, but I really love the tailored yet edgy quality of his designs.