Why use a designer?
While renovating or building a new house, design mistakes can end up being very costly. By hiring an interior designer one will be happy with the newly designed space making life easier and stress free. Careful planning is the key to making sure your project runs smoothly, with minimal disruption.  The designers pay close attention to detail that has been achieved through years of training and work experience. Designers also can foresee design mistakes and rectify the solution as well as educate the consumer.

Why shop the trade?
When shopping through the trade you can have access to the pieces that are not usually available at the local stores. Many of the trade pieces are customizable and very unique.

What is your most valued design tip?
It is all in the pre-production, meaning, if it’s thought out before hand there is no room for error.

What makes your style unique?
These are the things that make my style unique and recognized:
-Accent colors or splash of color, layering of different textures, elegance, clean look

Who is your design icon and why?
Jamie Drake because he thinks outside of the box and always takes design to the next level. He is innovative, colorful and has a signature look that is consistent and timeless.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Coco Chanel

What is your ideal getaway/escape?
Relaxing on a yacht, in the French Riviera

What is your favorite movie set?
Marie Antoinette.