Inside the World of WSJ

Launched in 2008, WSJ. has established itself as a leading lifestyle magazine with in-depth coverage of fashion, design, architecture, food and travel. Its world-renowned photographers blend an artistic sensibility with the probing eye of a journalist. WSJ. regularly showcases stunning interiors from around the globe, as shown in a new exhibition in the 1stdibs gallery at 200 Lex. The captivating photographs by Magnus Marding, Matthieu Salaving, Stephen Kent Johnson and Simon Watson are on display through October 21, 2016. The magazine’s robust coverage of the art world can be seen in an arresting portfolio by Adrian Gaut of individual artists taken in celebration of the opening of The Broad Museum in Los Angeles.

For more information, visit the 1stdibs Gallery on the 10th floor or call 646-293-6633.