Larry Lee Webb New Paintings: June 21 – August 5, 2016

Larry Lee Webb’s paintings contain complex narratives borne out of his keen sense of observation, very personal sensibility and utter love affair with pigment. These internal stories function as the artist’s guideposts but do not pinpoint a specific objective. Truckloads of paint are wielded onto his canvases, which then undergo a do-si-do of scraping away and replenishing. The new exhibition of paintings is on view in the 1stdibs Gallery at 200 Lex from June 21 – August 5, 2016.

This current show provides a window into a prolific year in the studio by the artist. Monumental works such as Bouquet reveal a multitude of small worlds; intricate passages that comprise the whole. While these paintings are physical and boundlessly energetic, they are also slow reads, calling for the viewer to become absorbed in the minor parts as well. His small works on board and paper successfully condense his narratives, assuring that he is conversant on both scales, a genuine feat onto itself.

All artwork is available for purchase. Please direct inquires to the 1stdibs Gallery at 200 Lex, 646.293.6633.