ROY G BIV a Celebration of Color

Carmel, Indiana based interior designer and artist Barry Lantz presents “ROY G BIV a Celebration of Color.” The exhibition will take place at The Gallery at 200 Lex powered by InCollect located on the 10th floor and will be open Monday-Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm through November 22nd.

The exhibition honors the power of color in natural landscapes. “At a young age, I found myself enthralled with horizon lines and landscapes in real time. I would concentrate on the depth and the distance to a selected subject. The colors from morning and evening moved me to a place where my mind became a camera to the light reflections and perspective shapes and illusions,” notes Barry.

Barry had been an interior designer for 40 years and in 2009, he made a bold move of adding another artistic layer to his professional career. He was recalling his love of painting in his late teens and early 20’s, what started out as a personal project quickly evolved into a professional endeavor and a second career.