Scrapbook, McMillen Inc. – April 22nd – May 24th

The Gallery at 200 Lex is pleased to announce its’ newest exhibition entitled Scrapbook in partnership with McMillen Inc.

McMillen Inc. is the oldest design firm in America, and this exhibition is the scrapbook of its 95 years in business. Newspaper clippings, oversized prints, proposals to a client, the watercolor of a finished room, a page of carefully orchestrated
photographs…and words of wisdom from the past.

McMillen Inc. was founded in 1924 by Eleanor Stockstrom McMillen Brown, who opened her business with a
modest intention — to sell a few pieces of furniture and decorative biblots. Five years later McMillen Inc. had become a full-scale interior design operation, complete with a business office and an interior architecture department, unique for its time. Mrs. Brown was known for her discipline, wisdom, and authority. A long-time employee of hers called her “the most perfect decorator that ever lived.” She ran McMillen for 51 years, and was its owner and chairman for another decade.

In 1975, with the blessing of Mrs. Brown, who was almost 100 years old, McMillen employees purchased McMillen
Inc. As a partnership headed by Betty Sherrill, the firm remained committed to the aesthetic principles and business practices established by Mrs. Brown. Today’s partners include Luis A. Rey, Mary Louise Guertler, Katherine McCallum, Mary Beth Donohue, and Ann Pyne, the firm’s current president. In its 95 years, McMillen Inc. has designed and decorated homes for many of America’s most well-known individuals and families. The firm’s commissions have included the restoration of Rosedown Plantation in
St. Francisville, Louisiana; a house for Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford II in Grosse Pointe, Illinois; and work for three American presidents — John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Gerald Ford. McMillen was asked to participate in the first Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in 1973 and regularly participates in other charitable events in New York City. McMillen is known for being a full-service design firm able to produce interiors of refinement and variety. McMillen has been remarkable in its ability to keep pace with current trends and client attitudes, to surmount the challenges of wars and financial fluctuations, and to retain its decorators and designers for decades.

We look forward to having this exhibition in The Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect space starting on Monday, April 22nd – Friday, May 24th. Please visit this exhibition of 95 years of design and decoration in America and take a stroll through our scrapbook with us.