Substrata: June 16 – July 24

Substrata explores a material or phenomenological condition, where paintings are comprised of intricate gritty substrate and sculptures sublimate into optical illusions of themselves. The works featured are by two young female artists, Devra Freelander and Whitney Oldenburg, who met at Rhode Island School of Design while pursuing their MFAs in Sculpture and Painting, respectively.

Born in 1990, Devra Freelander grew up in suburban New Jersey on the cusp of a technological revolution. Her sculptures investigate the spatial and perceptual ramifications of having grown up using digital software as a creative output. Using industrial materials like epoxy resin and fiberglass, Freelander creates supersaturated fluorescent forms that tend to register as digitally rendered, despite their physical persistence. In 2014, Freelander traveled to Antarctica and witnessed firsthand the graphic effects of global warming on the polar landscape. Her work is thus heavily influenced by the massive emotional weight of the endangered Arctic and Antarctic climates, and she is especially interested in exploring how technology like Photoshop has altered the way we engage with and aestheticize polar geologic phenomena.

Hailing from Jacksonville Florida, Whitney Oldenburg creates heavily textured paintings whose subject matter is a material investigation of time and place. Departing from the oil-on-canvas standard, Oldenburg quite literally builds her paintings out of gravel, pumice, burlap, and other substratum. Her paintings are intuitively and emotionally driven, and are more of an emotional reaction to her current life direction. She finds that there is something endearing about familiar minicatastrophes, and is interested in the idea of covering, uncovering, burying, and building a painting as one might construct or deconstruct a thought, a memory, or feeling.

Substrata will run from June 16 to July 24, 2015 in the 1stdibs gallery on the 10th floor.