Why use a designer?
Working with a designer allows you to achieve your goals and realize your vision for your home in a more seamless and enjoyable way, often saving time and money. With much of the tedious and sometimes overwhelming details handled by a designer, you can focus on the big picture, and enjoy the fun, exciting parts of the process.

With a designer’s great network and access to trade resources we are able to present a variety of options to keep projects on budget while also offering pieces that are uniquely tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Why shop the trade?
Shopping with a trade professional allows you to access products you may not know about or see in retail settings or online. It allows you the option to create custom pieces and solutions for your home that you may not have thought possible. It provides peace of mind that the details from production to installation are being taken care of on your behalf.

What is your most valued design tip?
Start with a floorplan to make sure the space functions well and then invest in quality pieces that will stand the text of time. Quality pieces will hold up to kids, parties, pets, etc…and with endless durable and performance fabric and finish options available, investing in pieces that are made well and made to fit your space is a smart and sustainable approach to a design project.

What makes your style unique?
We bring our experiences from studying and working in Art, Fashion, and Product Design to our interior design projects. This allows us to approach each project with a unique, diverse perspective and to develop stylish solutions for every design challenge. We tend to draw from classical design principles, but interpret them in a fresh way, making sure we address the functional needs of our clients and ensuring their home is a reflection of their personal style.

Who is your design icon and why?
We are always inspired by the work of Thomas Pheasant. His interiors are timeless and every one of his projects has its own personality. Much like our firm, he works in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, but always incorporates classical design elements and custom details that result in luxurious interiors that feel curated but never over done.

If you were a piece of furniture, what would you want to be and why?
We would not mind being a great bed! We love the wonderful feeling of comfort and happiness climbing into a cozy bed, with fine linens, after a long trip, or a stressful day. Isn’t it a great luxury sleeping in on a weekend or staying up late to watch a movie? Our beds are the places where dreams are made and a good night’s sleep can restore the body and quiet a busy mind. And if you are lucky, it is shared with the ones you love the most — like the dog!

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
While this may sounds cliche, we have a great admiration for the one and only Coco Chanel. She built a brand by trusting her intuition which ultimately pioneered a shift in women’s fashion. She took risks in business and her personal life and she created a timeless aesthetic that has endured. She embodied the brand and even her interior design aesthetic showed her keen sense of style. Her apartment in Paris remains one of our favorite interiors to look at for inspiration.

What is your ideal getaway/escape and why?
A few days without access to email, sunshine on our skin, and late dinners alfresco. Destinations steeped in history surrounded by natural beauty. A couple places come to mind, Loire Valley in France, Taormina Sicily, Marrakesh, Morocco.