Art & History Lecture and Book Signing by Robert Pennoyer

On behalf of the Pennoyer Newman Distinctive Garden Planters, NYDC Showroom, Robert Pennoyer, presented a wonderful ‘Art & History’ lecture and signed his book ‘As it Was’ in The Gallery at 200 Lex that included his first hand experience growing up as the grandson of J.P. Morgan and he shared stories about his own life — dedicated to family, law and history.  He served on behalf of the boards of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Morgan Library [once his family’s home] and has dedicated his time to New York and to the United States by serving during World War II as a young naval officer and later as the federal prosecutor and with the General Counsel in the Office of the Secretary of Defense during the Eisenhower years.  His unshakable and passionate belief in democracy and all the great values of this country made it an evening we will not forget!