“Behind the Shadows” curated by Guy Regal and celebrated by The New York Design Center and Guy Regal

On February 6th, the New York Design Center and Guy Regal celebrated the exhibition “Behind the Shadows”, curated by Guy Regal. The exhibition features photographs by famed artist and fashion photographer Greg Lotus. The featured photographs span across 15 years of his photography work and were taken in locations “all over the world”—— Miami, Africa, Georgia and spanning across a majority of his career as a fashion photographer. Greg Lotus’s work can be found in an array of highly esteemed fashion magazines including Vanity Fair and GQ. When the team at Guy Regal was curating the exhibition, they focused on his work in black and white and within that the juxtaposition between the figurative vs architectural themes. The show will be running through Friday, March 8th in the Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect.


Photography by Karen Cattan Photography