DLN Dinner with 200 Lex

On Wednesday, September 11th, Jim Druckman of The New York Design Center and Peter Sallick of the Design Leadership Network hosted a special dinner celebrating the 2019 What’s New What’s Next event and The London Summit. The dinner was held at the iconic Flora Bar at The Met Breuer, which was the perfect place to celebrate what’s new in design and industry trends amongst the top designers, architects and industry leaders. Over 150 designers and industry leaders were in attendance including Ellie Cullman, Eileen McComb, Amy Lau, Elaine Griffin, David Scott, Nick Olsen, Kesha Franklin, Brad Ford, Madeline Stuart, Beth Diana Smith and many more. The celebratory evening was joyful and the room was filled with laughter as designers reconnect and embraced one another for another successful year of design!

Photography by Josh Wong