Scrapbook, McMillen Inc

On Tuesday, April 23rd, The Gallery at 200 Lex in collaboration with McMillen Inc. celebrated the launch of their exhibition in the gallery space titled “Scrapbook, McMillen Inc.”. The exhibition is a compilation of newspaper clippings, over-sized prints, client proposals and projects, watercolor renderings and more. Celebrating 95 years and being one of the oldest design firms in the country, the exhibition is an incredible tribute to all the work done by past and present designers of the firm. Along with the opening exhibition, over 100 guests enjoyed a very interesting and at times humorous panel discussion led by Emily Evans Eerdmans with Ann Pyne, Christopher Apostle, Benoist F. Drut and Elizabeth Pyne Singer.


The exhibition is open until May 24th and is a show you won’t want to miss!


Photography by Karan Cattan.