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Sacred Geometry

Thursday, August 2, 6pm – 8pm

Tucker Robbins, Suite 514
Join Tucker Robbins to meet artisan Asif Shaikh and view “A Master Embroiderer’s Ode To Ahmedabad.” Asif Shaikh is a master embroiderer, textile and interior designer, who was born in Ahmedabad, the cultural capital of the state of Gujarat, in western India. From childhood he had an artistic and discerning eye, and enjoyed the tactile nature and beauty of hand-woven, hand-embroidered, hand-block printed and painted textiles. His love for fabric and its embellishments led him to take up hand-embroidery when he was just seven years old. Every year Asif conceptualizes and creates a special collection of embroidered works. This year he presents Sacred Geometry, a body of white-on-white embroideries, whose compositions are inspired by the surface of decorations of stone and wood monuments and buildings of Ahmedabad and whose muted tone-on-tone rendition silently speaks of sacredness and spirituality.