Avery Boardman Introduces Two Innovative Sleeper Mattresses

In 1972 Avery Boardman established themselves as the first company to provide designers with custom sleep sofas that could be tailored to their unique specifications. Today their product development team continues to improve the performance and comfort of their sofa beds as well as their seating and beds.

The latest improvements in sleeper sofa comfort come from two newly developed sleeper mattresses, the Memory Flex and the Comforcool. The new mattresses were designed to be as comfortable, or maybe even more comfortable, as your overnight guest’s mattresses at home.

The most innovative feature of the Comforcool mattress is a gel-embedded memory foam designed to breathe and create a soothing, cool and comfortable night’s sleep. In addition to the gel layer, a layer of inner springs, developed over decades, provide self-adjusting support. The third layer of memory foam conforms to the body, evenly distributing support over every square centimeter of your body. The Comforcool mattress is available on any Avery Boardman sleeper sofa design and comes in 36” (twin), 53” (full) and 60” (queen).

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