Craft + Design: A Baker Salon Event

Craft + Design: A Baker Salon Event offers an inside glimpse of craft, innovation and design in action, celebrating a behind-the-scenes look at the bespoke beauty, craftsmanship and design that make Baker Furniture an innovator in its industry and a cornerstone of the design world.

For the first time, Baker will bring its four top artisans to New York to demonstrate the premier processes, materials, finishes and cutting-edge techniques that go into Baker’s most iconic designs. Each artisan highlights a handcrafted skill that combines time-honored practices with modern innovations unique to Baker. Mary Welch will give insight into the upholstery process that differentiates Baker from brands in the marketplace today. Master Carver, J.B. Gesler will demonstrate the cutting-edge techniques that go into some of Baker’s most iconic designs. Donna Taylor will highlight hand painting, the handcrafted skill that combines time-honored practices. Lastly, John Kiryanoff will walk through the finishing processes.

Craft + Design will provide access to what we rarely even share in North Carolina,” says Baker President Austin Rothbard. “We’re uncovering our artisanship 124 years in the making—the constant in our ever-evolving design that drives us to the forefront of the industry and differentiates us from most brands in the marketplace today.”

What started with one combination desk and bookcase in 1890 has grown into Baker Furniture, a leader committed to uncompromising quality and versatile design. Guest designer partnerships allow Baker to offer a range of forms and finishes fit for any aesthetic—from Thomas Pheasant’s modern elegance to Bill Sofield’s casual, contemporary luxury. Additional current guest designers include Barbara BarryJacques GarciaLaura Kirar and Michael S. Smith, among others.

In July, Craft + Design continues in Chicago; plans extend through the year and into 2015 to coincide with Baker’s 125th anniversary. “2015 will be a milestone for the Baker brand,” Rothbard says. “Craft + Design is a precursor to all that lies ahead as we explore different ways to embrace our craft, forge new design paths and unveil future partnerships. We can’t wait to share what’s next.”

For more information and to RSVP for the June 24th Salon, click here.