Kasthall x Ilse Crawford Collaboration

Introducing a new collaboration with the British designer Ilse Crawford. The collection, called Grönska, consists of two tufted and three woven rugs. Crawford drew inspiration for Grönska from the Swedish landscape around the Kasthall factory in Kinna, Västergötland.

Since it was founded in 1889, the international design brand Kasthall and its factory have been located in the little town of Kinna. When Ilse Crawford visited the factory for the first time and saw the surrounding meadows and fields, she was inspired to create Grönska. The collection was developed both as a tribute to the life, colours, patterns and textures of the Swedish landscape, and to address the general desire to bring more green into our interiors.

“The factory feels very connected to the surrounding fields and farmland, so designing a collection of rugs that reflects such an important part of Kasthall’s identity and history was a natural step. Like Kasthall’s carpets it’s a landscape made by humans and their machines” says Ilse Crawford. “And what’s more, in all our work these days, we see a cultural shift towards greener architecture and interiors. We live most of our lives indoors, so a physical connection to nature inside is important. The colour green brings a sense of life to our interiors, has a positive impact on our health and in the right shades is perceived as neutral.”

Please visit the Kasthall USA showroom on the 6th floor to view the collection.