La Bastille Brings Metal to the 13th Floor

La Bastille, the company that has brought unrivaled quality, design and luxury custom interior surfaces worldwide, is proud to announce the opening of their first showroom in New York City in the New York Design Center. Located on the 13th floor, the showroom marks a new era for the Bastille brand. The showroom showcases La Bastille’s ability to create one-of-a-kind functional artistic pieces, integrating unusual yet classical materials with smart and striking design.

A lifetime of stunning and envelope-pushing designs in metal and mixed materials is what Christopher Plummer, CEO of La Bastille, is known for. Showcasing these one-of-a-kind surfaces and furnishings in the New York Design Center is a dream come true for Plummer and the next logical step for his expanding company. La Bastille has quietly operated out of Savannah, Georgia yet their work is displayed throughout some of the most well appointed homes, restaurants and hotels all over the world. Never your run of the mill designs, La Bastille is sure to impress and is thrilled to expand its footprint into New York’s high-end design world.

La Bastille is the largest manufacturer of custom zinc and pewter installations worldwide. The showroom marks the launch of La Bastille’s high-end furniture line, which is 100%, designed and handcrafted by their in-house design team and highly skilled artisans. On display is a wide array of installations ranging from zinc headboards, fireplace mantles, pewter dining room tables, conference room tables and kitchen islands showcasing the brands’ wide array of iconic, innovative luxury products. The showroom also houses La Bastille’s design studio containing a wide selection of materials, surfaces, patinas and edge profiles to help clients determine their ideal zinc or pewter masterpiece. More of a Design Think Tank than sales floor, La Bastille thrives on collaboration between architects, designers and the clients themselves. On special occasions, La Bastille will provide complete design services.

Visit La Bastille in Suite 1305.