McGuire Debuts New Collection by Steven Volpe

The evolution of the McGuire brand has never been more apparent, as illustrated by new, innovative designs from Steven Volpe. In his debut collection with McGuire, San Francisco-based Steven Volpe has designed nine pieces including upholstered seating and case-goods that, as he puts it, “get back to the elements of what McGuire stood for: honest materials expertly hand-crafted into casually relaxed furniture.”

Early in his career, Steven developed a love for unconventional juxtapositions – modern and antique, stark and ornate, bold and subtle – celebrated in his debut collection for McGuire. Steven, who grew up knowing the McGuire family, sees his collection as re-articulating John and Elinor McGuire’s vision for the 21st century. His studies of fashion before turning to interior design influenced his love of bespoke fabrics and fabrication techniques that are very much apparent in his new McGuire collection. He selected the names of each of the pieces in the collection from an obscure sourcebook of antique sewing materials and terms, a reference to both the personal style of the McGuire family and the time-tested craftsmanship of old-world tailoring.

While letting natural materials speak for themselves, Volpe has intermixed hand crafted traditional techniques with new technologies. He also selected a diversity of soft, warm, matte finishes for his pieces that allows each to be easily mixed and matched, creating unique groupings within the line and within the larger body of the full McGuire collection.

Visit McGuire in Suite 101. To view more of Steven Volpe’s Collection, click here.