New Dealers at The Gallery at 200 Lex

The Gallery at 200 Lex proudly welcomes Circa 20C, Galerie Philia, Karina Gentinetta, Mantiques Modern and Yew Tree House to the 10th Floor. These esteemed dealers join the 33,000 square feet of curated antique and vintage furniture, jewelry and fine arts. To learn more about each of the new dealers read their brief description below!

Circa 20C
Circa20C offers high-quality, upscale vintage mid-century modern furniture as well as modern and contemporary pieces by notable current day designers. Furniture is showcased in a way to maximize its beauty and provide buyers with a unique perspective on how to utilize various items to create beautiful living spaces. Circa20C also showcases art and provides a carefully edited selection of artworks. Circa20c welcomes working with designers who are looking for unique pieces of furniture for their customers.
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Galerie Philia
The Galerie Philia exhibits a collection resulting from a rhizomatic research transcending formal, stylistic, national or historical barriers. The selected art works emanates from different cultures and periods, are incarnated in various and multiform mediums, and evoke multiple and changing interior worlds. The only criterion unifying this composite plurality is their esthetical qualities and the sense they convey. The Galerie Philia attempts in this way to build bridges between different artistic continents in order to enlighten art works endowed with a marked artistic depth.
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Karina Gentinetta
Karina Gentinetta was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to New Orleans at age 12. A lawyer for 13 years, she found herself at a crossroads after losing her home during Hurricane Katrina. Turning to art and design for solace, the self-taught artist and bespoke furnishings curator was inspired to leave the law to pursue her creative passions in the aftermath of the storm. Creative from an early age and with a keen eye for the rare and beautiful, Gentinetta began curating bespoke and vintage furnishings from around the world. In addition to her furnishings and lighting, Gentinetta’s paintings have acquired a strong following. Gentinetta’s works have received national and international recognition and have been featured in such major publications as The New York Times, Elle Décor Magazine, Luxe Interiors, Traditional Home, Veranda, and More Magazine among others. Most recently, Gentinetta collaborated with RH Modern on a limited edition series which was successfully received and sold out.
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Mantiques Modern
Mantiques Modern is a long-running staple for remarkable art, design, table-top and small accessories. Spanning from vintage branded luxury to esoteric folk art, Mantiques specializes in over 800 categories of art and design. Headquartered in Chelsea with a 4,000 sq. ft. gallery, Mantiques is a space where designers and collectors can count on finding unique and one of a kind home accents.
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Yew Tree House
Yew Tree House Antiques was launched in 1991, fueled by a passion for collecting the unexpected. Kevin Kleinbardt and Ahna Petersen, with independent backgrounds in furniture and art history respectively, joined forces to focus on pieces with a “soulfulness of character,” as Ahna likes to say.
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