“The Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect”

Featuring the finest selection of antiques and vintage powered by the most innovative technology

NEW YORK, NY–  Jim Druckman, President and CEO of The New York Design Center at 200 Lex and John Smiroldo, President and Founder of Incollect are delighted to announce “The Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect a 33,000 square foot mecca of the finest antiques and vintage pieces from over 55 premier dealers located on the 10th floor of the iconic design building and powered by a unique, innovative technology, it will make shopping for antiques a completely new experience.

As of November 1st, 2018, The New York Design Center’s 10th floor will become “The Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect.” The New York Design Center has an unparalleled reputation within the design community both locally and nationally, due to its diverse and coveted roster of showrooms. It remains THE PREMIER marketplace for interior design and the “go-to” resource for interior design professionals. Now, in tandem with InCollect, a leading global online marketplace for furniture and design, the 10th floor gallery will be digitally transformed, creating an entirely new way to shop, using an iPhone or the Incollect shopping device to significantly enhance traditional shopping methods.

The Gallery at 200 Lex will increase its digital footprint by adding an online component to its extensive marketing program. Merchandise will appear on the soon-to-launch Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect mobile app AND on Incollect.com allowing the “brick and mortar” location to reach shoppers globally 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Events and exhibitions will continue to be an integral part of the 10th floor Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect.  The current exhibition is a retrospective of work by Jeramiah Goodman followed by an exhibition of works by contemporary artist Andrea Emenius in partnership with Galerie Magazine and the Shin Gallery.  The fall calendar includes media collaborations, our annual Art of Entertaining event, and a “Masters” Lecture series. In January (date TBD) The Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect will host an official launch celebration for designers, media and industry influencers.

Says, Jim Druckman “The New York Design Center is thrilled to work with Incollect as the exclusive digital partner for The gallery at 200 Lex.  We both understand the value and importance of the dealer, which allows us to maintain the high standard of merchandise available to designers, collectors and consumers. By using systems and programs developed by Incollect, we will enhance the shopping experience at what is the first and foremost gallery of its kind in America.”

Incollect’s John Smiroldo echoes Druckman’s statement saying, “The new technology we have developed will power the Gallery at 200 Lex in an innovative and super-efficient manner that has never been realized before and will take the designer from the point of identification and selection to the actual sale with complete ease and efficiency. The experience of shopping for art and antiques has been completely revolutionizedthis is the future.”

About the New York Design Center:

Located at 200 Lexington Avenue, the New York Design Center is the industry’s premier resource for fine furnishings. Built in 1926 as the New York Furniture Exchange, 200 Lex was the dream of visionaries in the furniture industry. Today, the New York Design Center’s rich history enhances its reputation as a respected resource for imaginative solutions to any design challenge. Representing avant-garde, contemporary innovations as well as classic creations, 200 Lex is committed to remaining at the forefront of design. The 10th floor Gallery houses over 33,000 square feet of antiques and 20th century design from leading dealers as well as Access to Design™, a program that assists consumers in navigating the design process. To learn more, visit www.nydc.com.

About Incollect:

Launched in August 2014, Incollect is a world-class curated marketplace specifically designed for interior designers, architects, and collectors to efficiently discover and acquire the finest in historical, modern and contemporary furniture and decorative arts by design masters of the 18th through 21st centuries. Our mission is simple: To connect the world’s finest galleries and their inventory directly with top design firms and enthusiasts, without intrusion and commission free. Over 1000 new listings are posted every Tuesday by the industry’s finest dealers and artisans. Interior Designers and Architects are invited to join our Trade Program. To learn more, visit www.incollect.com

To learn more, visit www.incollect.com